The firm was established by Shai Dover, C.P.A (Israel), MBA, a former national tax inspector in the Israeli Tax Authority (ITA).

Mr. Dover received his B.A and M.B.A from the University of Haifa. In 2015 he submitted his thesis “An examination of factors that influence the negotiators on behalf of a monopoly” which investigated the decision-making processes of ITA’s negotiators, to the Tel Aviv University Business School, as part of a master’s degree.

As a national inspector in the Policy and Planning division, Mr. Dover specialized in taxation of global activity and dealt with a variety of international tax issues such as tax treaties, trusts, e-commerce taxation, taxation of foreign corporations (CFC, PFC & holding companies), new immigrants and residency.

Other positions he held at the ITA were:
In 2002 he was appointed as secretary of the ITA Committee for the Taxation of Trusts.
In 2003 he was appointed as an advisor to the committee for the enforcement of the tax reform on Israelis operating abroad.
In 2003 he chaired the committee for the update of book-keeping regulations.

After leaving the ITA Mr. Dover served as a consultant at trust companies and dealt extensively with private clients, including consulting with trustees and bankers, dealing with tax aspects of international activity and international estate planning.

Mr. Dover was also elected Chairman of STEP, Haifa branch. STEP is a UK-based Society for Trust and Estate Practitioners, an international professional association for economists, lawyers, accountants and bankers who plan the establishment of trusts, manage estates and are involved in related tax planning.